Copper Air Cooled Heatsinks

Dau Thermal Solutions Copper Finned heatsink offers the ultimate in forced air cooling. Power densities per square inch are forever increasing while space allotted to heat sinks is forever decreasing. With a thermal transfer rate almost double that of extruded aluminum heatsink, copper finned heat sinks are an excellent choice. Copper spreads heat quickly throughout the heatsink base, into the copper fins, and out into the surrounding air.

All of Dau's copper finned heatsink products are assembled with silver bearing solder and processed not to anneal the copper. Our assembly process achieves zero thermal resistance for the best possible thermal transfer between the heat sink base and the fin stock. We offer two basic copper finned heat sink design styles - single fin and folded fin.

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Copper Soldered Fin

Copper Soldered Fin Copper Soldered Fin